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DGM South Africa offers dangerous goods packaging for all modes of transport.

We do packing, repacking, over packing and crating of dangerous goods as well as consultations and compliance checks for your prepared shipments. Our wide range of UN tested packaging will be able to solve all your dangerous goods shipments needs.  From fiberboard boxes, to glass bottles, metal tins, plastic drums and jerricans.


All of our packaging is UN Certified, meeting and exceeding the compliance requirements set forth by government regulations and industry standards. With over 21 years of experience at our disposal, we have the knowledge required to properly handle and prepare your Hazardous shipments for export

DGM services cover operations for all classes of dangerous goods, Including explosives, radioactive material and infectious substances.

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The repacking of hazardous materials comprises the core of the many services offered by DGM South Africa. Our staff expertly packs hazardous materials according to all applicable regulations while also selecting the most cost effective solution. We are able to assist with any request for the packing of any hazardous material!

Wherever the national laws allows, DGM assumes all defined responsibilities, and acts as the shipper on record. Naturally, DGM's clients are fully covered by a comprehensive legal liability insurance policy.

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