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Dangerous Goods Management is proud to announce that we offer online training. 

IMDG Code - Maritime transport of dangerous goods (Amendment 39-18)

The online course is  4 hour SELF STUDY Course. 
There are 9 Units in total in which at the end of every unit there is a 5 question test to complete.
(Please note this is not virtual training presented by a trainer)

IMDG Code- Maritime transport of Dangerous Goods (Amendment 39-18)

Objective: Qualification of ground personnel (shippers, shippers, exporters, freight forwarders, warehousemen ...) who participate in the transport of MMPP according to the provisions of the IMDG Code and amendment 39-18 in force in 2019, for the management and coordination of the transport of dangerous goods by sea.  

Personnel of companies exporting maritime cargo classified as dangerous goods and people who are going to assume the responsibilities as shippers / consignors, or who intend to classify, pack, mark, label, label, load / unload transport units, prepare transport documents, present for transport or accept for transport, manipulate during transport, prepare loading / stowage plans, load / unload on / from ships and transport dangerous goods by sea, and that do not have the appropriate training according to the amendments in force


Digital certificate from Dangerous Goods Management 

Unit 1 Introduction to the IMDG Code
Unit 2 Structure and general provisions of the IMDG Code
Unit 3 Classification of dangerous goods
Unit 4 Identification of dangerous goods
Unit 5 Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
•    Numerical list of dangerous goods
•    Alphabetical list of dangerous goods. Index
•    Proper shipping names
•    Special provisions
Unit 6 Construction and testing of packages and tanks
•    Packaging approval marking
•    Packaging approval tests
•    RIG approval marking (IBC)
•    Approval marking of large packages
•    Portable Tanks
Unit 7 Provisions of packaging and tanks
•    Packaging in limited quantities
•    Packaging in excepted quantities
•    Packing instructions P, LP and IBC
•    Use of portable tanks
Unit 8 Issuance procedures
•    Marking and labelling of packaging
•    Use of over packs. Marking and labelling 
•    Labelling and marking of transport units
•    Dangerous goods transport document
•    Packing certificate
Unit 9 Stowage and segregation 

PLACE:  Online Self Study
DURATION:  DGM allocate a time in which the course can be completed. (6hours- 1days)



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