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DGM in a nutshell

The DGM organization (1988) is devoted to packing, storage and transport, consulting and professional training in the field of moving dangerous goods.  All of DGM's activities are performed in accordance with the global safety standards:  The Rules and Regulations of IATA/ICAO  -  IMO  -  ADR  -  RID, for the safe handling and transport of hazardous goods.

DGM's roots are in oil & gas operations. When tendering their commercial explosives for transportation, oil well perforating companies were often handicapped by conflicting interpretations of international rules and regulations, (IATA versus ADR, and versus local rules, laws, and government decrees, etc.).


Today, when rushing explosives or radioactive sources to (mostly remote) drilling sites around the globe, thanks to DGM South Africa's extensive expertise and years of experience being established in 1995, these headaches are past history.


DGM Expanded its scope of services to assist air carriers: for technical assistance, cargo inspections, repack and re-document shipments in transit, or to prepare new sets of Shipper's Declarations for Dangerous Goods by Air, under DGM's responsibility.

DGM also offer a full crating service, able to deal with any of your crating needs regardless of the size, large or small, we do it all.






The "E" Licence (Dutch Legislation)

Definition: " a legal entity who can, instead of private persons, institutes or other legal entities, act as the shipper and packer, assuming all relevant legal responsibilities from the original shipper".


Problems can occur when irregular shippers, trading companies or unlicensed companies, offer hazardous cargo for transport.  The ICAO TI (Technical Instructions) as explicit:The Shipper must be trained ("must be qualified"). ICAO (division of United Nations) regulates international air transport of hazardous goods.

United Nations Member States are bound to implement any rules and regulations, as are accepted by ICAO, in their national law.


The Netherlands CAA, in connection with DGM and the industry, formed the legal framework for shippers, to legally tender their consignments, containing dangerous goods, for air transport.


1988  A new, unique legislation was introduced: the "E" license.


This special Certificate empowers the licensee(DGM) to act on behalf of the actual shipper, but also assuming all relevant legal liability responsibilities (of the actual Shipper).


Under this E license, DGM offers specialized services, related to transportation of hazardous materials.  These services include consulting, packing (UN standard only), government exemptions, and assistance in arranging any available possibilities to perform door-to-door transport of any type of hazardous goods.


DGM's Expertise is not limited to individual air, ocean or road consignments.  The organization also handles any combination thereof.  Each mode of transport has its own, historically grown, rules and regulations, and today it takes and expert to untie the knots.

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